Step One | Collect

Use a Journal, voice recorder, take photos, notes or an app to collect your thoughts of business or professional to-dos, projects, events, ideas, things to handle or complete.

Step Two | Clarity

Process your collection base on a simple logic, is it actionable? How long would take? Can be done now? If yes, do it now, else if possible to delegate it or allocate adequate time. Otherwise, delete it.

Step Three | Plan

If you fail to plan, you have planned to Fail. Categorise your thoughts, plan your hours, days, weeks ahead. Be specific and break each action to miniature tasks and set reminders. 

Step Four | Reflect

To clear your mind, you need to install the reflection daily reflection habit to revise your completed task, adjust your uncompleted task schedules. 

Step Five | Execute

Nothing will change in your life unless you change.

Simplicity and tenacity is the key to achieve your goals. Avoid multitasking as you may end up doing multitasks very poorly.