We all know the saying; “Time is money”. For people like you and I, this means more than that. 

When you are tenacious and hungry for success, time means the freedom to create, grow and achieve all your goals. 

When it comes to goal setting, action plans and time management, we all know there is always room for improvement.

My productive ideology, ecology and methodology are built for the way business works today. 

I have helped many great business owners like you with my strategies since 2007.

These Productivity methodologies have been fully tested and implemented in my own businesses and all of my client’s campaigns.

Because of my methodology, I am able to hold multiple positions in several businesses and managing multiple projects simultaneously. 

I only work five hours per day, five days per week.

So, I’m sure it works. You can do the same. 

Micro Bio

Dean Justice

  • Productivist, Productivity Coach and Productivity Consultant
  • Founder of Thrivify Productivity Academy
  • Innovator of EverKard (Live Business Card)
  • Author of the UNITED STATES OF INTELLIGENCE | The Productivity Science

An Australian Entrepreneur and Envisioner who holds multiple titles in several companies such as;

  • Director of My Business Central Pty Ltd
  • Director and CTO of EverKard Pty Ltd
  • Creative Director and Sole owner of EverSight Creative Agency

He is devoted to elevating human lives and thrives to impact the lives of others.

Dean's life revolves around technology and the web. Stop him anywhere no his travels and you'll find an iPhone or some other connection to the inter-webs not far behind.

He is a family man and understands the work and life balance. Hence, he has created a system that he calls "Five By Five ThriviFive".

The system is based on the productivity trilogy (Ideology, Ecology, Methodology) that enables him to work five days per week for five hours per day.

He strives to change the productivity culture by educating and empowering one person at the time.

Visionary Entrepreneur
Vision & Purpose

"To be successful in your life, study, work or any science you need to be productive. However, productivity hasn’t been thought of as science yet. This is the missing link." - Dean Justice

Productivist & Founder

Thrivify Academy is designed for help people of all skill levels business starter or business owners with years of experience to understand the productivity ideology, ecology and implementation of productivity methodology. You can convert your simple business to a complex corporation and simplify your life.

Thrivify Academy empowers possibilities and improves entrepreneurs creative thinking.


"To be successful in your life, study, work or any science you need to be productive. However, productivity hasn't been thought of as science yet. This is the missing link." - Dean Justice


That's a big statement, given there are already several productivity books on the shelves.

So how is this book different?

Unlike any other book, we don’t focus on tips, tricks and hacks (that you won't follow consistently).

You'll receive practical and easy to follow exercises, that will allow you to become the most productive version of yourself in a very short time. This book will show you how to create free time and design your tomorrow today, in an interactive and comprehensive way.

The Innovator, Director & CTO

The LIVE Business Card that enables you to stay updated in real time.

It is exchangeable, secure, language independent, smart meeting with InteliSearch

Creative Director

EverSight is a creative agency dedicated to small businesses, providing a business class digital solutions that Engage, Inspire & make people Think!

We believe great design can make a good idea even better.

You Dream It! We Create It!

Co-Founder & Director

My Business Central is your ONE & ONLY place to List your Business whilst advertising your products and services.

Unlike many other Business Directories and Advertising companies, our service is exclusive, yet all of the information is exposed to the whole Australian public via all major search engines!